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Racial, Ethnic & Religious conflicts in Indonesia


Death Toll in Sambas Rise to 165 Dead (03/23/99)

The official death toll in weeklong clashes between local residents and migrant Madurese in Sambas reached 165 on Monday and at least 1300 houses have been set on fire, as the military dispatched more troops to deal with the unrest. The Armed Forces dispatched reinforcements, numbering between 750 and 1000 troops to support the existing 2000 personnel.



Flow of Refugees adorned Sambas (03/21/99)

More than 15,000 Madurese have flid Sambas regency by boat and truck for the West Kalimantan capital of Pontianak. The clashes in, at least, 8 sub-districts have added other 13 death people, bringing to total of 73 deaths counted since the renewed violence broke out on Monday. Both groups parading a severed head through the streets.

At least 400 Madurese are still trapped in Samalantas forest and cannot escape as the area has been surrounded by Malays and Dayaks.



Sambas Rocked Again (03/20/99)

Over 60 people in Sambas, West Kalimantan, mostly Madurese migrants, have been killed and more than 1000 houses burned down as ethnic clashes escalated on Friday (03/19/99). The brawl has forced more than 6000 people to flee their villages and take shelter in coastal area.

This ethnic overtone dispute involved the Dayak, Malay and Chinese in one group versus the Madurese. After a month of silence, this renewed conflict escalated after the death of an indigenous Dayak tribesman on Monday, allegedly at the hands of Madurese. The Dayak have taken revenge for the killing. There have been accusations the Madurese broke their words for not starting any violence against other parties.

A group of Dayak men returning from work on Monday. A group of men believed to be Madurese stopped the truck and attacked the Dayaks. One Dayak was killed and the rest were able to escape. The brawl began to escalate soon after the killing.



Latest Report from Riot in Sambas, West Kalimantan (02/28/99)

Communal clashes between Malays and Madurese sparkled again yesterday. The clash that broke out on Tuesday (02/23/99) have spread to four districts in the area. Seven Madurese road construction workers who went missing earlier this week were killed by their rivals. At least 10 have been killed and 62 homes and a number of cars and motorcycles were set on fire. Yesterday, 2 other houses were set on fire at Pemangkat district.