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Racial, Ethnic & Religious conflicts in Indonesia

More Than 30 killed in Newly Clashes in Maluku (04/05/99)

More than 50 people have killed and dozens of others were injured in the weekend blasting between Muslims and Christians. Clashes occurred in several villages in remote areas of the regency's islands of Kai Besar and Tual. The hardest hit was Larat, where at least 100 houses were set on fire by mobs. 400 Larat villagers were injured and evacuated by Navy ship to a local hospital. About 19,000 people have sought refuge at several public centers.

The clashes first erupted when predominantly Christian Taar villagers allegedly attacked a neighboring Muslim community in Wearhir village. The outbreak was sparked after the discovery of a piece of gravity defaming Islam in Wearhir.

More than 250 people were killed in devastating communal clashes that broke out in January and lasted for over a month in Ambon. The unrest forced tens of thousands to flee the area, formerly held up as a model of religious harmony.



Ambon Rocked Again, seven killed (03/10/99)

30 people , at least, suffering from gunshot wounds, seven are dead and five are in serious condition, as dozens of military personnel opened fire on clashing Muslims and Christian in the devastated city of Ambon. The renewed violence involving thousand of people armed with crude weapons erupted simultaneously at six different sites in and around Ambon this afternoon.

The troops opened fire to disperse Muslims and Christians battling with Molotov cocktails and crude weapons. The first clash broke out at around 3 p.m. in Benteng Atas. Shortly afterward, dozens of marines were rushed to the area to control the situation. But they then left and a second clash erupted an hour later. Clashes were continuing into the night. Dozen of houses were set on fire in Benteng Atas, causing residents to flee and seek refuge at the Santa Maria Bintang Laut Church.

At least 172 people have been killed and more than 450 have been injured since clashes between Muslims and Christians first erupted in mid-January. Police questioning 23 people suspected of instigating the riots.



Two Men Killed in Renewed Ambon Riot (03/08/99)

Two men were attacked by a mob in renewed violence in the riot-torn of Ambon just a few hours ago. They were attacked in the city's Pohon Mangga area at about 7:10 a.m. The two victims were raiding a motorcycle ehrn they were stopped and attacked by a group of people armed with machetes, arrows and spears.

The attack followed clashes between residents of Pohon Mangga and Benteng Atas areas on last night. At least 7 houses in Benteng were set on fire by Molotov cocktails and more than a dozen people were injured after security personnel opened fire on mobs last night.

Warning shots were also heard on early today in the Patty shopping center and Batu Gantung area. At least 4 houses in Batu Gantung were also set on fire. Blasts were also happened near a police dormitory in Perigi Lima where security personnel fired several warning shots to disperse crowds. At least 2 utility vehicles were also set on fire in Batugajah and Passo areas.



Sporadic Clashes adorn Ambon (02/28/99)

Sporadic clashes continued in the destroyed Maluku capital of Ambon. At least five more people were injured with bruises and stab wounds. Four are Christian and the other is Muslim. Muslim houses in Ahuru village were set on fire by Christian yesterday. The angry mobs were also burning houses on the boundary of the villages of Ahuru and Waihoka, and attacking the state-run Islamic Studies Institute.


New Riot in Ambon (02/23/99)

Over 5000 of people have sought refuge in mosques and churches from the escalating Muslim and Christian clashes in the Maluku capital of Ambon. Many of them planned to leave the city for their hometowns in Southeast and South Sulawesi. Approximately 3000 have taken refuge in the down-town Al Fatah Mosque, while others refuge in the nearby Silo Church.

At least, 24 people have been killed in the past three days, when this newly violence between Mulsims and Christians (which also came from different ethnic groups) broke out by the explosion of hand-made bomb in Batu Merah village on Tuesday. Most of the victims died from gunshot wounds and slash wounds. At least 15 people injured in clashes were still being treated at the hospital.

The city turn to be a ghost-city. The air filled by the sounds of series bomb explosions, warning shots, helicopters, and screams. Streets are deserted, public transportation are not operated. Shops, offices, and schools remained closed. Mobs armed with machetes, spears, bows and arrows are wandering in the streets despite local officials'.

At least 142 people have been killed and more than 350 others were injured, 3360 houses were set on fire, 500 billion material losses since the religious clashes erupted in Ambon in mid January. The violence was initially sparked by a dispute between a Muslim migrant and a local Christian driver of a public minibus on January 19, the first day of the Muslim Idul Fitri holiday. Shortly after members of both communities were involved in full-scale riots.