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Racism is a centuries old social disease and it will perpetuate forever if we do not stop it now.



What is Racism?

Racism is the aggregation of racial (descent, religion, national or ethnic origin) prejudice and power. We use the term of racism because it more effectively addresses the problems of various inequities in our life today. An act of racism is any action involving violence, discrimination or harassment, exclusion, restriction or preference based on descent, religion, national or ethnic origin. Racism has the consequence of impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of any right or freedom vested to all humankind.



There are three categories of racism:

* Individual Racism: involves specific acts of racist behavior by individuals or groups. This category may include languages or actions of a racist nature, which are offensive, degrading, intimidating or embarrassing.

* Institutional Racism: describes the way that institutions, including state, discriminate directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, through their structures, organizations, and policies to support or maintain racism.

* Cultural Racism: involves the social production and reproduction of racist beliefs and ideas.



What is Anti-Racism?

Anti Racism is the act of intentionally working against racism in all of its forms. This includes the institutional racism and subconscious prejudice that we are all taught as children, and largely do not recognize is there.

Since racial problems, in many cases, are interfere with problems the have and the have-not, in which one group has succeeded in keeping its economic or political power and not allowing other groups to share it, therefore, the problem we must address is the how to go about sharing power and dismantling systems which perpetuate our societal inequities.

For racism is a social disease, which has been spread over the centuries through either a system or an organization, we must work actively to deconstruct, or dismantle, racism. That means that we must act intentionally and do what we can do to undo the systems of racism when we encounter them.

This is a centuries old social disease and it will perpetuate forever if we do not stop it now. Perhaps, the cause of this chronic epidemic was not our fault, but its cure is our responsibility.



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