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It is not enough not to be a racist, one must stand up and help to eliminate this social disease because everyone can be a target.



What is Indonesian Anti Racism Society?

Indonesian Anti Racism Society is a non-partisan organization that promotes the idea and ideal of equity of humankind, regardless their descent, religion, national or ethnic origin backgrounds. Our society is a non-violent grassroots organization working for equal rights for all. We recognize no boundaries and we always welcome new members and friends, regardless their origin backgrounds.

As a non-profit oriented organization, Indonesian Anti Racism Society is funded by contribution and donation of people who concern and share our mission. We also act as a catalyst to work in partnership with various organizations in developing and creating projects that inspire and foster interracial understanding, racial harmony and equality for the good of our societies and our children.

We are always open to new suggestions and ideas of things we can do to help promoting equality. If you have ideas or comments, even if you are not interested in joining us, please let us know.



Aims of Indonesian Anti Racism Society

One of the most conspicuous of morally charged terms of political condemnation, and certainly the most explosive in its dimension for political passion and even civil violence, is racism. Racism is now generally regarded as such a heinous moral evil and so closely identified with the acts of violence that tend to result from it. People often talk as though racism is not only a great moral wrong in itself but also or ought to be illegal, both as a belief and in its verbal expression. They justify that racism as such as violence, or an incitement to violence, and so can be sanctioned like any other act of violence.

It is with much sadness that we have to admit that the plague of racial bigotry and discrimination is worse today than it was before. Whereas before such bigotry was legal and easy to see, today it is hidden - burying itself deep into hearts and souls of our fellows. It recognizes no barrier of sex, age, class and other categories - racism can find a home in any person, hiding inside them, disguising itself.

The potency of racial conflict always exists in our multicultural society, and periodically there are widespread and serious racial incidents. This is why we must continue the campaign, we must strive to educate people on the undeniable equality of every human.

It was with this ideal in mind that the Indonesian Anti Racism Society was formed. It is the job of every right thinking person to work towards a better society, and there can be no democracy or justice in a society that supports discrimination on the basis of descent, religion, national or ethnic origin.



Policy of Indonesian Anti Racism Society


Indonesian Anti Racist Society is committed to create a social environment which values cultural and physical diversities and which shares equality to its members. The right not to be discriminated against on the basis of descent, religion, national or ethnic origin is also a right found in principal international human rights instruments. Enjoyment of the rights and freedoms shall be completely secured without discrimination on any ground. It is within this context that we will not tolerate acts of racism. However, we are not intended to interfere with academic, artistic, discussion or debates, and scientific or research activities.

We believe that change can only ever occur when we realize that everyone truly is equal and deserving of love and respect, including those people whose views differ so vastly from our own. We must constantly remain alert to avoid the trap of only showing respect and love for those who think and behave as we do. It is only by treating people with the respect they deserve that can we help to create change. Racist individuals are not bad, not evil, not to be hated. These individuals are merely misinformed. And for us to make any kind of change we must help to inform them - this can never be achieved with force, anger or hatred. We must be non-violent not only in action, but also in word and thought.

One must realize that racists believe completely that they are right. We must prove their error in judgement, and we must do this with compassion. No one reacts positively to being told everything they believe in is wrong - it is only natural to get defensive and sometimes, for some people, aggressive, when their belief systems are attacked. If we return that aggressiveness and start attacking them then we achieve nothing. No one listens honestly to the words of someone insulting and attacking them, the words are rebuked or ignored.

If we attempt to educate with love, however, we stand a better chance of helping everyone to realize where they have gone wrong - and we are better people for treating our fellow human beings with the respect and care that they deserve.

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